Type 2 Diabetes Diet – What Is a Suitable Diet for You

Having diabetes is no laughing matter and many people do not realize that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are treated differently. Those with type 2 need to be careful, just as those with type 1; however, if you have type 2 diabetes, you must ensure a good and suitable diet.

Healthy Eating with Type 2 Diabetes

Dieting Doesn’t Mean Weight Loss

Sometimes, changing your diet doesn’t automatically mean you need to lose weight. If you are carrying excess weight then it would be wise to try to lose that, however, if your body weight is fairly good, this should be about managing your condition. You do have to watch what you’re eating with type 2 and even if you don’t use an insulin shot, it’s still important to ensure your diet is fairly good. You probably know that you need to keep the blood glucose levels in a stable position and that is what a good diet is all about.

This is management control because if you are able to give your body a good diet that keeps it stable then diabetes won’t advance. It can happen if the diet is poor and in the future, you may need insulin so that is why choosing a good type 2 diabetes diet is vital. It doesn’t need to be necessarily to lose weight but to manage and prevent the condition from getting worse.

Get What You Need In Your Diet

First and foremost, there are lots of so-called ‘diabetic friendly’ foods out there and while they may be good, you might not need them. What you need to do, is to add a range of high fibre, low in fat, low in sugar and salt foods into the diet. The foods can be everyday foods that you would normally eat but of course you don’t eat large portions of food and watch your sugar intake.

Most people believe that low fat foods are best for those with type 2 diabetes, when in reality they aren’t. You can still eat foods which you would normally eat as long as they are healthy foods or healthy desserts. Chocolate is something you can still eat but of course you shouldn’t eat too much of this and you should always try to add fruits and vegetables on your meals.

A Food Plan for You to Consider

First of all, this is just a rough idea for a meal plan for an average day. You might not like the idea and you don’t need to follow it but it’s a good little example of the things you could add to your everyday meals.

So, with breakfast, you want to try something which is high in fibre; this could be a high fibre cereals but one which is very popular is porridge. A small bowl of porridge is a good choice if you do not add sugar. You could also have a lovely glass of fruit juice or maybe some coffee or tea – again, don’t add sugar into the drink!

Try avoiding snacking between meals, unless you’re really hungry. Now, with a snack, it could be low fat yoghurt or some fruit – either would be good to help tie you over until lunch. However, for lunch, you do want something which is healthy but filing so that you don’t snack on junk foods later on in the day. Having some wholemeal sandwiches with maybe a slice of chicken or salmon would be great; you can maybe add a small salad or have a yoghurt if you so wish.

For your main meal in the evening, you could try pasta – wholemeal of course – or chicken. You need to watch your portion sizes and try adding potatoes or vegetables to the dish and that way you get full and avoid the temptation to snack.

Plan Your Meals

To be honest, the above is just a small example or an idea of what people could try. Maybe that isn’t for you but that’s OK as long as you are able to get a good and healthy type 2 diabetes diet. Sometimes, it’s best to plan out the meals for the next few days so that you aren’t tempted to buy any additional sugary food items that tempt you to eat them during the day. Just ensure you get a good diet.

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